The data protection solution available from local or regional data center

Unique three-tiered encryption process model to protect your business data

The Cloud based technology solution that can help to grow your business

Internet Security


Our  Internet Security as a Service  solution is cloud based solution to protect user devices from Malware , Viruses, and Other security  threats anywhere and anytime.

  • Does not need any Security Appliance or Hardware,
  • No software ,
  • No Security patch management rather it follows users device based on Security policy design by the organization
  • The solution is available for Mobile Phone/Tablet, iPad, BYOD, Desktop, Laptop anywhere and anytime for business Cellular, Wired, or Wireless Data Access.
  • Next Generation Virtual Application Firewall available for Cloud application & Remote users


  • Protects from Malware , Viruses, & Other security threats anywhere and anytime;
  • Provides Visibility for User Website visits & Access;
  • Provides Advance Security to all internet traffic and Stops Advanced Cyber Attacks;
  • Protects Headquarters/Corporate, Branches, and Remote workforces/Road warriors;
  • Acts as a Security Checkpoint between Users, Devices, and the Internet with no Back Haul;
  • Improves Security Posture while lowering costs, & allows for rapid deployment.


The Security-as-a-Service solution(s) is being used by renowned organizations such as United States Marine Corps, Honeywell, ExxonMobil, United Airlines, Zions Bank, and LAZBOY.